Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Moon Dust

If one was to go on one of those bizarre fair rides where your whole body (upright) revolves around a central globe; your feet on it’s mottled surface whilst the rest of your body is moved around various different axis points at tremendous speed, your head would be very like the moon, a moon with hair drawn from it in direct line with the Y axis. The craters of the moon, if one rakes ones fingernails over it, can seem painful and sore. The moon dust that falls is of a flaky texture that melts into the atmosphere and one will find a light covering like sieved flour on the various work surfaces inside your space.
The lines of hair, when grown too long, need cutting back, this is key; If grown too long fingers can then come and attack hair, becoming twisted and even causing strands to loosen and fall to the ground. The smoke of this is dust that can drift towards those darker, more vulnerable surfaces.

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