Tuesday, December 27, 2005



She wanted me to say in a very sincere way that I was victim material.
Ripe for the investigating
Wanted to know just enough to suggest, to imply, to present gaps that she could fill in with her academic archaeology.
Her eye contact was very good, so was mine.
She sounded Canadian but I found out that she was actually Irish by blood.
Did you have a happy childhood?
Um, no.
I am not required to ask for details if you don’t want to give them - pause.
They don’t need to know, it just helps with getting some kind of background so that I can help you.
What do you think of all this.
This what.
Being sent here, by work. What is your attitude, I’d like to know, what you think about it.
Well they told me that they thought that is was a good idea, that they wanted to help me, that it was good, for my own good.
What do you think?
Well I had no choice really, I feel that if I didn’t go that they would think that I wasn’t willing to deal with the situation. And anyway I’m only going to go through with this unless 'She' does it as well. 'She' is doing it as well isn’t she.
She? Um, er, well that hasn’t been sorted out yet, er I am trying to find time in her timetable to fit her in, I'll check on that, yes, yes.
Well I was led to believe that 'she' was doing this as well.
Yes, 'She', I see.
I’m not doing it if 'she' isn't doing it, you see.
I’ll get in touch with the college in the morning.
I mean, as far as I am concerned I mean it's really not my fault really.
So how are you finding your job at the moment?
What do you mean, is there a problem. I don't see any problem. I mean I really don't know what this is all about...

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