Thursday, February 03, 2005


Paint it Black

A break from comic, panel mania! The rumble of Fennesz and the smooth symphonic fluctuating sounds now coming out of my aesthetically placed speakers on the wall. The grit and grazing. Is Herbert Missing? I don’t know! That piece of metal there and this electrical interference here. An orchestra of grainy tubers. Now an elephant enters with an incredibly stuffed nose: A low pitched snortle carrying on for ever. It makes me want to get all my old black vinyl records out and listen to them with that old piece of fluff on the needle scratching around. Now I’m entering a factory with motorcyclists revving and rolling around those spherical cages you get in some circuses. The purr of a lion merges with the low roar of a B52 plane. The tone when the phone in unhooked, Super Feedbacker. Somebody has turned the electricity off slowly and now back on again. Now he’s trying to imitate some sort of drum riff by rubbing match-sticks together? Then licking stamps and sticking them on hundreds of envelopes one after the other at incredible speed! Inter-cut by ripping of sellotape. Now a tweeting bird being slapped against a table until it loses its’ song! Rubbish being piled into a aluminium tube and placed in the back yard wearing slippers made of kitchen foil. The inter-stellar noises of the next door film studio Star Wars remake is making watching the TV while flicking the channels very difficult. The light sabres are finally switched off! A frog now turning the dial of the phone loudly while a giant bee bangs itself against the living room window. It is now dieing and dragging itself around the floor, its intermittent buzz causing the wood built house to start burning and crackling. I must make some tea and I drink it so loudly that it drowns out every other sound. The garden dogs are barking. I must try and find out what it is that is in the next street. The tank is still rolling. Now the bees are in my head and filling up quick! What pleasant sounds.

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